BENA Bytes

Regularity:  weekly
Location:  Delivered to your email box 

Ok, let’s be honest –

Where (if at all) do we learn about the parsha each week?

  1. From our children’s parsha sheets
  2. The Torah Anytime class we started three times but never finished
  3. The magazine article that we fell asleep while reading on Friday night

We’re all in the same boat. Life is so crazy busy that we don’t have time for inspiration, even though we need it more than ever.

But what if you could get that uplift each week in five minutes or less?

Introducing Bena Bytes, an extra boost of (women’s wisdom). It’s a recorded parsha thought by Mrs. Esther Pransky with a down to earth, meaningful message to take into Shabbos.

  • For women, by women
  • Delivered straight to your inbox each Wednesday to beat the Shabbos rush
  • Inspiration and chizuk for the week

Bena Bytes are short enough to listen to while you wait in carpool line or at the N. Druid Hills/Holly light (ok, almost), but long enough to bring Torah learning and impact to your everyday life.

Looking forward to tasting these Bena Bytes together with you!