Yeshayahu - ADVANCED


Yeshayahu – Advanced Navi

Topic: Prophets/Navi

Speaker: Rabbi Doniel Pransky
Day: Wednesday
Regularity: Weekly
Time: 8:00-9:00 p.m.

Location: ZOOM
Address: 1855 Lavista Road

Phone: 404-321-4085

Rabbi Doniel Pransky’s popular Advanced Navi class for women has been meeting weekly for the past eleven years, completing Yechezkel, Doniel, Yona, Ezra Nechemia, Rus, Shmuel, Melachim, Trei Asar and Yirmiyahu. We are now starting Yeshayahu.
Previous knowledge of the storyline is not necessary, but basic experience with Navi is assumed. Please provide your own text, which is read in Hebrew and translated.

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