Shabbos Disney


Shabbos Disney

Welcome to the ASK – Shabbos/Disney Game!

We hope you’ll join us in playing this 6 month game to challenge yourself and your entire family to engage in Shabbos in a new and ever more meaningful manner.  As you play you will earn raffle tickets for a 2 Day Disney Family Vacation for up to 4!!!

Winner Takes ALL – Includes 2 Day –  Up to Park Tickets for 4, Hotel Stay and Kosher Food Plan 

There are two options to make it as easy as possible to earn tickets.

The rules are pretty straight forward but please be in touch if you want to clarify any details –

To Play – please complete the registration info below

The Game starts Friday May 24th & the Raffle drawing is scheduled for Friday Nov 29th.



  1. Pick NEW TO YOU Shabbos activities for any Shabbos during the Game to earn tickets either from the levels option or variety option

To qualify for points –  activities must be things you were not already doing regularly.

  1. To qualify for the raffle you must earn at-least 1 ticket in every month of the game
  2. You can earn multiple tickets on any individual Shabbos or by playing multiple Shabbosim during a given month
  3. Level Option – earn 1 ticket by completing all the requirements of a NEW TO YOU Level from the list provided
  4. Variety Option – earn 1 ticket for completing a variety of NEW TO YOU Shabbos activities equaling a minimum of 50 points from the list provided
  5. You must submit your new ticket info during the week immediately following the Shabbos on which you played

More Information: