Rabbi Goldberger's Homegroup


Rabbi Goldberger’s Homegroup

Speaker: Rabbi Menashe Goldberger
Day: Sunday
Regularity: Monthly
Time: 8:00 p.m.

Location: Around Town
Topic: Jewish History
Phone: 404-321-4085

This monthly group is “home” to over eight couples who did not grow up in day schools or learning with Kollel rabbis!
Over many years, they have come to discover that it is never too late to immerse oneself in the deep and enlightening waters of Torah study! Currently, the group is learning about all of the Mitzvos (commandments) that can be performed today: What are they? How are they performed? We do WHAT?! Refreshments and schmoozing follow each class. Contact group coordinators, Dick and Barbara Planer or the ASK office at 404-321-4085 for more details.