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Jewish Enigmas

Date: 5/16/18
Time: 7:30 p.m.

Location: ASK Dunwoody Dome
Address: 5237 Tilly Mill Road
Phone: 404-321-4085

Questions that perplex the Jewish Mind

Free Will vs. Foreknowledge
What is the nature of our free will?
Can we have free will if G-d knows all?

The Holocaust
How can a Jew understand G-d’s interaction with the world in the face of such horror?

What is the source of this seemingly unending irrational hatred?
Will it ever end?

Belief and Behavior
What matters more, our actions or beliefs?
Are there required beliefs in Judaism?

Join Rabbi Daniel Freitag of the Atlanta Scholars Kollel for this fascinating follow-up series to the ‘Mystical Meaning of 'Life’ course. This series will cover four critical yet perplexing issues from the perspective of our ancient tradition.

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