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Kollel Couple's Challenge

Date: 3/28/18

The challenge runs from now till Pesach - there are 4 bench marks:

Completion of month #1 earns you a bottle of wine
Completion of month #2 earns you 2 home made Shabbos Challahs
Completion of month #3 earns you an Ice Cream Pie
Completion of the entire competition earns earns you $50.00 to the Kosher restaurant of your choice to celebrate as a couple!

Here's how you earn it
Twice a week you spent 5 - 10 minutes as a couple reading - 48 Ways to Wisdom by Rabbi Noach Weinberg & discuss his beautiful ideas from the Torah on how to enhance all areas of life.
Everyone who signs on will be invited to a whatsapp group so you can post when you've finished your reading sessions & enjoy the competition with everyone!
There will also be an opportunity to meet once or twice to discuss as a group what you've gained from your reading.
I ordered a box of books & they will be here on Wednesday - please let me know if you want a free copy so you can get started!!

May every couple win!!

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